Elev8 exists to expand opportunities and services to students in need. This is accomplished through partnering with schools, education providers, and school districts to bring unique services. Our goal is to ensure all students regardless of background have access to high-quality programs that can prepare them for whatever their future may hold. Through our high-quality programs, we believe that education has the power to make a positive impact on the world.

About TREC

We have developed the Trauma-Resilient Educational Model (TREC), a comprehensive approach to supporting individuals, groups, and organizations in developing resilience and coping with trauma.

Our model is based on the latest research and best practices in the field and is designed to be relevant and applicable to the needs of helping professionals, such as educators, counselors, therapists, and social workers.

By implementing the TREC model, organizations can create a more trauma-informed and resilient culture, leading to improved outcomes for those they serve. Through our training and professional development programs, we help professionals build the skills and knowledge they need to support those in need and promote healing and resilience. With TREC, you can make a positive impact in your community and
beyond. Join us in our mission to empower helping professionals and create a more resilient world.

TREC At-A-Glance

TREC is a leading provider of resources and programs dedicated to building resilience and improving overall wellness in individuals and organizations. We offer professional development opportunities, resiliency programs, and certification for individuals as Trauma-Resilient Professionals. We also provide organizational accreditation for organizations committed to implementing trauma-resilient practices. Our offerings go beyond theoretical concepts and provide practical skills and tools that can be applied
immediately to drive change and positively impact your school, organization, and community.

TREC Legacy Story/Our Story

Our journey began in 2012 when a leadership team at an independent high school in San Diego noticed a dramatic increase in students experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Despite the success of our students in graduating from resource centers or catching up on credits and graduating from their previous schools, many were struggling emotionally and mentally in their post-secondary endeavors. In response, a team of dedicated and compassionate staff used their expertise in social-emotional learning, resilience building, mindfulness, and PACEs science to create a series of training to help staff, students, and others become not only trauma-informed but trauma resilient.

Over the past decade, our professional development offerings and resiliency programs have spread across the country. We have also developed a full accreditation model with six core courses, resilience programs
for students, data collection and analysis, partnerships, and an ecosystem of TREC-accredited schools and partners. In addition, we offer certification to individuals in the helping profession as Trauma-Resilient

We are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations build resilience and create a positive impact in their communities. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Students learn in a variety of different ways. It is important that each student is able to gain access to the support they need to ensure retention and adaption of the information they learn. Tutoring services are a vital step in helping students achieve this goal. Our tutoring service works with educational partners to assist students outside of non-traditional school hours. Through a virtual learning platform, students have access to tutors on demand. Students learning does not stop when the school bell rings, why should their access to tutoring?

We want to work with educational partners to provide high-quality tutoring that supplements the work that teachers do. Teachers often have classes of 30+ students and some students may not be able to learn in such an environment. The tutoring services we offer can be one-on-one or through small group instruction. Our flexible model allows educational partners and parents to pick the right option for them.

Learning loss has never been a greater topic of discussion than it is today. The pandemic exasperated the need for new ways to address students’ educational needs. These needs are no longer being driven by educators alone, but parents are being more vocal in championing their students’ needs.

At Elev8, we offer innovative solutions to combat learning loss. We seek to help those students who are most in need. There are millions of underserved youths throughout the country who are in need of specialized services. Let us partner with your educational organization to provide top-tier services to students who need them the most.