Our Sentiments Regarding National Civil Unrest

We are deeply saddened by the civil unrest across our nation this past week. We know it is painful to see, read about and experience. These events have made the world aware of the trauma and prejudice that many have experienced our entire lives. Our African American friends, families, student and staff have been impacted more than others by the injustice in our society. We will stand united and be there for all of our African American friends, students, staff and communities.

While we cannot control events playing out nationally, education is a strong and critical component of the solution. We will continue to focus on getting students access to community resources. We will continue to help students deal with the very real emotional challenges they face. We will continue to provide the personalized learning tools and support so our Opportunity Youth can complete their education and develop skills that will lead to long-term success. We will create ways for our students to use their voice and talents to make the world better and form the life they want to live.

Our vision and culture has always been to foster equity for all and ensure a safe place for our students, staff and communities. We stand firmly against all oppression and racism and we are united in voicing out against it.

Let us not ever lose sight of the humanity that binds us together, makes us stronger and bridges our differences – those of compassion, care for one another, respect and kindness. Let us all listen before speaking. Show compassion before judgment — and support one another. This will give us the collective strength to rise above adversity and injustice – now and for the journey ahead.

In times of hardship, we can use our collective power to control how we move forward together.


Pete Faragia
CEO, Lifelong Learning

Caprice Young
National Superintendent, Learn4Life