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Community Partners Celebration Event

A strong network of reputable community resources is vital for the success of organizations whose mission includes improving people’s lives. Understanding this, Lifelong Learning was tapped with delivering an event that honored the partnership of other local nonprofits while raising awareness of the positive impact to the local region.

The 600-person event was hosted by a local news anchor to celebrate more than 15 years of improving the health and lives of community members. Young people, parents, teachers and partners participated to represent the more than 25,000 students and families who had been positively impacted by the trauma-resilient education and vital community wraparound support the organization has offered.  

Ten key partners who had contributed to the work of expanding access to a quality education, health resources and wraparound services were honored as community champions, receiving a custom championship belt and donation to their respective organizations. The event included a well-regarded panel discussion by local leaders and activists about shared community to support student success.

The event raised awareness among key stakeholders, reporters, local officials and the general public of the importance of nonprofits working together to address the diverse needs of youth throughout the region.


  • Creative event planning & logistics
  • Speechwriting
  • Media relations
  • Advertising development and placement


  • Potential Reach: 1.3M
  • AVE:  $2.5M
  • Local print/online media reporters in attendance
  • 5+ news articles and broadcasts

From education to community development, the organization’s dedication to creating opportunities and fostering positive change was clear, and the partnerships continued even stronger as a result.