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Teens are Asking Schools to Provide Mental Health Information

May 20, 2024

Alexandria T.’s home life was rocky, and she struggled with mental health challenges, including ADHD, anxiety and depression. In high school, she got little support and found it hard to concentrate on studies. Instead of dropping out, she transferred to Learn4Life and finally received the help she needed.

Teens want schools to play a bigger role in their mental health, and they trust the information they get there, according to a recent survey by the National Alliance on Mental Health. More than two-thirds of students agree schools should teach what mental health is, and where and how to seek treatment. Yet only 40 percent of teens say their school has specific programs or resources to support mental health.

Learn4Life has offered a trauma-resilient approach for the past 15 years and is taking it a step further by having hundreds of its student-facing staff of teachers, tutors, counselors, social workers and more become certified professionals by Trauma-Resilient Educational Communities.