What We Do

We help our clients focus on what matters most – the students. Our support ranges from operations, financial and people services, to communications, legal, compliance and education services, which give our schools access to use our proven personalized learning model.  

We support schools so they operate efficiently and cost effectively. We provide expertise and handle the details in facility acquisition, maintenance, technology services and procurement.

A critical part of our success is driven by using data and automation to improve overall operational efficiency.

Growing and sustaining a successful school model requires a business-minded approach towards education. It is an integral part of what we offer to our schools to ensure their financial health.  Our financial team handles sustainability, forecasts performance, and supports growth and expansion. We provide support for budgeting, cash flow, coordination of audit and reporting requirements, federal and state regulatory report filing, payroll management and more.

An organization’s number one asset is its people. Our people services team provides strategic direction and expertise for leadership, coaching, employee relations, talent acquisition, engagement, culture, compensation, benefits, risk management, organizational design and change, performance management, learning and development. It takes special people to mentor, educate and serve students, and we’re here to support them in everything they do.

The most valuable resource for educators is time: time to focus on students and their success, time to connect and listen to them, and time to understand what motivates them. Because time focusing on students is an educator’s top priority — it is ours too.

We meticulously research and design exceptional educational products, so our schools don’t have to waste time away from students. Our services include curriculum development, professional learning programs, predictive analytics, experiential learning, trauma informed training, assessment services, community partnerships, compliance, accountability, student retention support and so much more!


Communicating a strong and consistent message is important to a school’s success. Our team guides messaging and communication strategy across all channels. We are experts in educational branding, public relations, advertising, video, social media, SEO, creative design, web design and external affairs. Our expertise helps schools grow and amplify their successes to the world.


The ability to communicate well during a crisis is essential. When the pandemic hit and we had to transform our education model to remote learning, we immediately established ways to effectively communicate with our students, parents and staff. We created special content on our website and intranet, pushed out regular email updates, and offered messaging about safety, tips for navigating distance learning and resolving tech issues. We were recognized for our efficient and effective communications by these respected organizations:


  • 2020 MarCom Awards – won Platinum in Strategic Communications
  • 2020 Public Relations Society of America PRism Awards – won for Strategic Campaign – Issues Management
  • Best in Business Awards 2020 – won Silver Award for Crisis Response of the Year
  • 2020 PRNEWS Platinum Awards – Honorable Mention

Schools have a unique set of laws and rules that govern how they must responsibly operate. Our legal and compliance teams work with our schools to ensure they are meeting all requirements and the highest ethical standards.

Trauma Resilient Educational Community

Implementing quality systems to assess both needs and services to narrow the achievement gap has always been a difficult enterprise. Unfortunately, the pandemic has exacerbated this challenge. Lifelong Learning leaders will share the framework used in its schools to assess progress towards creating and sustaining a Trauma Resilient Educational Community. The TREC assessment process supports educational leaders in identifying strengths and potential gaps in services for opportunity youth and fragile families. We are interested in partnering collaboratively as a community of school leaders.

Join TREC – Coming Soon!


Innovative. Efficient. Powerful.

We support sustainable, quality education in communities throughout the nation. Our turnkey back office support system and comprehensive services allow educators to do what they do best – educate. The cost efficiencies we provide mean that our clients are able to spend more money on student services, equipment, teaching aids, experiential learning and extracurricular activities.


A different way of thinking…

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our clients maintain local control. Our powerful tools and services help ensure innovative, efficient, and successful schools.



As a nonprofit, we continually reinvest to further our mission of supporting quality personalized education and ending the dropout epidemic.

Local Control

Our clients are locally controlled with local boards who are responsible for oversight and management. We provide them the support they need to achieve success.

Personalized Learning

Our student-centric model allows school to shift the use of time, facilities, curriculum, instruction, and other needed resources to meet the realities that their students face.

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